Ural Federal University – UrFU
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Specialist degree
  • Master’s degree
  • Foundation programmes
  • Information about the University
    Year of foundation: 1920
    Level of education: Bachelor,Specialist,Master,Postgraduate
    Контактная информация

    Schools (Institutions)

    • Engineering School of Technologies, Telecommunications and Control Systems
    • Graduate Engineering School
    • Graduate School of Economics and Management
    • Institute of Chemical Engineering
    • Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture
    • Institute of Fundamental Education
    • Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
    • Institute of New Materials and Technologies
    • Institute of Open Educational Technologies
    • Institute of Physical Educational, Sport and Youth Policy
    • Institute of Physics and Technology
    • Institute of Public Administration and Enterpreneurship
    • Ural Institute of Humanities
    • Ural Power Engineering Institute
    • IT Innovation in Business
    • Mechanical Engineering, Machines and Equipment Design

    Programmes taught fully in English

    • IT Innovation in Business
    • Biodiversity in a Changing World
    • Food Biotechnology
    • International Trade and Entrepreneurship
    • HR-Management
    • Global Energy Business
    • Sustainability and Innovative
    • Development of Knowledge-Intensive Productions
    • Political Philosophy
    • Cognitive Neurosciences
    • PR & Advertising in International Communications
    • Russian Studies in Real Russia
    • High Performance SportTuition fees per year: 223000 Rub. (3550$) – 312000 Rub. (4950$)



    Programs taught partially in English

    The curriculum of the following programs includes both Russian and English-taught courses.

    • International Management
    • Astrophysics & Astrochemistry
    • PR & Advertising in Internet MarketingTuition fees per year: 186000 Rub (2950$) – 215000 Rub (3410$)



    Russian as a foreign language

    For students planning to continue their education at Ural Federal University the Russian Language School offers specialty courses related to their future major in Russian.
    – Russian for Engineering – Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science;
    – Russian for Natural Sciences – Chemistry, Biology, Physics;
    – Russian for Medicine – Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics;
    – Russian for Humanities and Arts – History, Social Studies, Literature;
    – Russian for Economics – Economics, Mathematics, History, Social Studies.


    Tuition fee per year: 130 000 Rub. (2060 $)