Visa to Russia
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Specialist degree
  • Master’s degree
  • Foundation programmes
  • After enrolling in a training programme, signing the contract with the university and receiving the official invitation from the university, you must begin the process of application for a student visa, which is issued to students for short-term or long-term training depending on the course chosen.


    To obtain a visa, you must contact the consular section of the Russian embassy at the place of residence or temporary registration. The information regarding the place of submission of documents should be communicated to your agent so that the university sends the documents for visa support to the Russian consulate.

    The ground for obtaining a student visa is provided by documents for visa support obtained from a Russian higher education institution with the appropriate registration in the government registry – the State accreditation of educational activity of the Russian Federation.

    The standard package of documents for obtaining a visa includes:

    • Passport;
    • Photos;
    • Secondary Education Certificate for students entering a bachelor’s programme and a bachelor’s diploma for students entering a master’s programme;
    • Health Certificate;
    • HIV test;
    • Bank certificate / confirmation of course payment (funds must be sufficient for training, accommodation, meals and other personal expenses. The approximate amount a student must have in a bank account is 5,000 USD);
    • Medical insurance (students are free to choose an insurance company on their own or they can insure themselves through their agent in Russia).


    The time frame for submitting documents to the university is from April to October. Admission to preparatory sections in many universities is granted year-round.

    Different universities may require an additional set of documents for the issuance of the necessary visa documents. Consular requirements may also vary depending on the student’s citizenship.

    The procedure for obtaining the visa package from the university takes about 45 days since all documents are submitted to the university and all the required tests are passed. Visa documents should be submitted to the consular section of the Russian embassy within 90 days.

    After receiving the visa and arriving in Russia, the student must contact the university for registration within 3 days.